I drove to the Flying Fish Hook Ranch on a very warm and sunny afternoon. No wind. I didn’t take my paints. I intended to wander around the property with my camera to capture the afternoon light rather than morning light. Black Angus cattle grazing in the brilliant green meadows. Rattle of Sandhill cranes. Mountain lion tracks on the two-track SE of the property (not fresh, thank goodness. Maybe I should start carrying the .38 pistol just so I think I am somebody.) Full irrigation ditches. Penstemon and other wildflowers. MOSQUITOES!! Next time I’ll take the Cutters. Will try to remember to use the Cutters and not the .38.

I’m grateful to Lars for more extensive history about the ranch. Our good friend, Dave Smith, was also on the house construction crew. Neat to learn of more and more connections.
It’s an honor to be invited to participate in this Land Trust art project. Having grown up in remote areas of the west and relishing my freedom to run and play in open spaces where there is elbow-and-breathing room and abundant wildlife, it does my heart good to know that some of these pristine places will remain intact.

– Charmian McLellan