The pastures just east of the Village Road are under conservation easements from the good folks at the Snake River Ranch. I painted on the ranch as a young artist in the 1980’s, as the Resor family was very generous to allow artists access to the property.

I have enjoyed reconnecting with Bill Resor for the View 22 project this year, and he took me on a tour of their conserved land. I have been very impressed with the quality of the cattle pastures there, as they are in excellent condition. The ranch uses the ‘intensive grazing’ method, which involves more work to rotate the cattle more often, but this allows the grass to regenerate quickly (it’s a very short growing season here), and the cattle prefer the new growth grass. Being somewhat of a cowgirl, I was happy to paint their herd!

The Resor family has been very kind to share the property over many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed painting there.

– Kathy Wipfler