I believe that Art and Conservation go hand in hand. I joined the View22 Project for the opportunity to share with our community why it is important to preserve these beautiful places, by creating beautiful imagery to communicate this idea.

This summer, I had the great privilege to spend time photographing at the incredible R Lazy S Ranch here in Jackson Hole. The R Lazy S was the very first property to be protected under the efforts of the Land Trust, and the Stirn family who operates the ranch are the most delightful folks. I am grateful to Kelly Stirn for allowing me to spend a few wonderful mornings out at the ranch, and thrilled to have the opportunity to create art that works towards conservation efforts.

The title of this piece is “Summer Morning at R Lazy S”, and it is 1 of 1. The View22 exhibit at the Land Trust picnic is a special event, so I wanted to make something unique and singular.

– Taylor Glenn